Clay County

Clay County was created on June 16, 1870, and was named in honor of the Kentucky statesman Henry Clay.

Cultural Sites

Moonshine Daze Festival - Celina, TN

Moonshine Daze is a festival with events held throughout Clay County such as the “Outhouse Races” the “Yee Haw” variety show, and of course Moonshine Still Display & Tales. Other activities include, fine arts and crafts, storytelling, antique car show, and a shotgun wedding.

Photo of Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail
Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail - Multiple Counties in TN

The Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail is part of a commitment to preserve the historical craft of traditional quilting. By following the maps you will see not only the beautiful and historic barns owned by local farm families but gorgeous quilt squares displayed on businesses and homes in the various communities. Quilt squares range from 2’x2’ to 8’x8’ wood squares. The blocks are replicas of treasured family heirlooms. In painting their favorite patterns on barns, businesses and homes, we are honoring local quilters who are well known for their skills of using every piece of scrap fabric to create a beautiful work of art that is also a useful item in the home.