Fentress County

The county was established in 1823 from Morgan, Overton, and White counties and is named in honor of James Fentress.

Cultural Sites

Photo of Highway 127 Yard Sale
Highway 127 Yard Sale - Pickett & Fentress County, TN

Every year individuals clean out their closets and stake out their front yards along the Hwy 127 corridor stretching over 690 miles from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama. They band together as communities, in groups or as individuals and over a four-day weekend they welcome the onslaught of visitors from the North, South East and West. It is a mutual exchange of cultures with a common goal; to look, buy and sell! As you drive the country roads, you will hear a collection of dialects, be privy to incredible stories related to the individuals and the items they sell and see a plethora of items that only your grandmother could love.

Photo of Highland Manor Winery
Highland Manor Winery - Fentress County, TN

Highland Manor Winery, the oldest winery in Tennessee, is located on the Cumberland Plateau amid the natural splendor of this rugged region of Tennessee. People who venture off the beaten path of the interstate can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Dale Hollow Lake, and Pickett State Park and culminate that pleasant experience with a visit to Highland Manor Winery. Visitors are treated royally with a tasting of our fine wines, a tour of the winery, and are invited to stay a while and enjoy the unexpected charms of Highland Manor Winery by picnicking on the grounds while enjoying the beauty of the vineyard and blueberry patch.

Photo of Sycamore Springs Farm
Sycamore Springs Farm - Jamestown, TN

Sycamore Springs Farm is a family owned Choose & Cut Christmas Tree Farm located atop the beautiful Cumberland Plateau near Allardt in Northeastern Middle Tennessee. Situated near the old English settlement of Rugby and the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, the farm has acres of native forests and trails as well as the only American Chestnut Foundation Nursery on the Plateau.

Photo of Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail
Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail - Multiple Counties in TN

The Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail is part of a commitment to preserve the historical craft of traditional quilting. By following the maps you will see not only the beautiful and historic barns owned by local farm families but gorgeous quilt squares displayed on businesses and homes in the various communities. Quilt squares range from 2’x2’ to 8’x8’ wood squares. The blocks are replicas of treasured family heirlooms. In painting their favorite patterns on barns, businesses and homes, we are honoring local quilters who are well known for their skills of using every piece of scrap fabric to create a beautiful work of art that is also a useful item in the home.

Photo of Forbus General Store
Forbus General Store - Pall Mall, TN

Built in 1892 and nestled in a charming corner of Hwy. 127, this is a great spot to taste some decadent, chewy housemade fudge and other tasty treats. The store is known for the "pig" in the back; it's the name of a card game played daily by locals and annually at the Annual Pig World Championship Tournament.