Scott County

Scott County was created in 1849.

Historic Sites

Photo of Barton Chapel
Barton Chapel - Robbins, TN

Built in 1926, Barton Chapel is a historic chapel on U.S. 27 in Robbins, TN. Barton Chapel was listed on the NRHP in 1984 for its architectural significance as a local interpretation of Gothic Revival architecture. Constructed in 1926 and designed by the prominent Knoxville firm of Barber and McMurray, Barton Chapel is named after William E. Barton (1861-1930) who was the first pastor of the First Pilgrim Congregational Church of Robbins, Tennessee.

Photo of Old Scott County Jail
Old Scott County Jail - Huntsville, TN

The Old Scott County Jail was listed on the NRHP in 1973 for its architectural significance as one of the oldest buildings in the town of Huntsville. Designed by Chattanooga architect, J. G. Barnewell, the Old Scott County Jail was constructed in 1907. The building is constructed of large stone blocks and is topped with a castellated roof line that gives the building its fortress-like appearance.

Laurel Dale Cemetery
Laurel Dale Cemetery - Rugby, TN

Just across from the entrance to the Gentleman’s Swimming Hole hiking trail is historic Laurel Dale Cemetery. Many of Rugby’s early colonists are buried there, including the seven 1881 victims of typhoid and the founder’s mother. The cemetery has been the final resting place for many people through the years and is still in use today.

First National Bank of Huntsville

The First National Bank of Huntsville was listed on the NRHP in 1985 for its association with the commercial history of the town of Huntsville. Built in 1909, the vernacular style commercial building is constructed of sandstone blocks.

Independent State of Scott Historic Marker

Independent State of Scott – The marker is located in Huntsville and commemorates a speech delivered by United States Senator Andrew Johnson on June 4, 1861, in which he called for the creation the free and independent State of Scott in response to Tennessee’s decision to leave secede from the Union.