Pickett County

Pickett County was formed in 1879 from portions of Overton and Fentress counties.

Scenic Sites

Photo of Dale Hollow Lake
Dale Hollow Lake - Pickett County, TN

Dale Hollow lake is known for its clear water, small mouth bass fishing, and the best marinas in Tennessee. Located in several counties, Dale Hollow Lake has an endless amount of land to explore. Dale Hollow is famous for its fishing, however with its rolling hills of undeveloped shoreline, Dale Hollow has many scenic overlooks and great sightseeing. Dale Hollow lake is ideal for a family vacation and provides houseboat and cabin rentals, skiing, tubing, fishing, hiking, and more. Visit the Dale Hollow Lake Welcome Center to learn more about what there is to do in the area.

Photo of Obey River Recreation Area
Obey River Recreation Area - Pickett County, TN

A spacious campground located on the shores of Dale Hollow Lake, in the hills of Tennessee. The campground provides the largest camping area at the lake, as well as the largest and most visited swimming beach. Dale Hollow Dam and Lake was completed in 1943. Although the dam was built for flood control and power generation, it has now become a recreational oasis for more than 3 million visitors each year. The dam is located on the Obey River, about 3 miles east of Celina, Tennessee. Surrounded by a thick expanse of forest, the clear blue lake creates a stunning scenic backdrop for a variety of water and land recreational activities. In the late fall through early spring, the American Bald Eagle can be spotted flying overhead or perched on low-lying limbs. Dale Hollow hosts the second largest wintering eagle population in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky.