Claiborne County

Claiborne County was established by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1801.

Scenic Sites

Photo of Daniel Boone Arboretum
Daniel Boone Arboretum - Harrogate, TN

The arboretum is located along a portion of the Daniel Boone Greenway, a walking/biking trail in Harrogate. Along the path, one can find over 60 different species of native trees labeled and learn about their habitat and uses. The arboretum is a project of the Harrogate Tree Board in cooperation with Lincoln Memorial University, and moved from Level 1 to Level 2 in 2006.

Photo of Pinnacle Overlook
Pinnacle Overlook - Cumberland Gap, TN

At an elevation of 2,330 feet in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, this overlook offers a gorgeous view across Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. A winding 4-mile road leads from the park visitor center to the viewing platform, overlooking the historic town of Cumberland Gap. The view from the Pinnacle Overlook provides a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, the Cumberland Gap, and the historic Wilderness Road. The states of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee are all visible from the overlook which can be accessed via the Skyland Road near the park’s main visitor center.

Photo of Cumberland Gap
Cumberland Gap - Cumberland Gap TN

Cumberland Gap (el. 1,600 ft.) is a pass through the Cumberland Mountains region of the Appalachian Mountains, also known as the Cumberland Water Gap, at the junction of the U.S. states of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. Famous in American history for its role as a key passageway through the lower central Appalachians, it was an important part of the Wilderness Road and is now part of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Long used by Native Americans, the Cumberland Gap was brought to the attention of settlers in 1750 by Dr. Thomas Walker, a Virginia physician and explorer. The path was widened by a team of loggers led by Daniel Boone, making it accessible to pioneers who used it to journey into the western frontiers of Kentucky and Tennessee.